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Healthy Glow Tanning System

Healthy Glow Tanning System
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HGT-SYS Healthy Glow Tanning System Fewer things are more alluring than that sun-kissed glow of summer skin. Unfortunately,...
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HGT-SYS Healthy Glow Tanning System

Fewer things are more alluring than that sun-kissed glow of summer skin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come easy (or cheap). Sure, it’s not much work to lay motionless beneath the harmful UV rays. But tanning actually just got even easier than that. Add to this equation zero sun-damage, and you’re truly golden.

Say goodbye to that gross orange streaking of tanning lotions and the steep tanning salon fees, or frying your skin under the blazing sun... Both you Ladies and Gents can now get a professionally natural-looking tan applied in under ten minutes and in the privacy of your own home.


Disguise unflattering farmers’ tans, bikini lines, white spots and sandal marks; camouflage unsightly veins and cellulite; create the illusion of a five-pound loss… simply look and feel your best for any occasion – on a whim. Make sure to have your vacation alibi straight before friends ask you where you got that sexy tan.


Some of the amazing benefits of the solution used in the Belletto Healthy Glow Tanning System:

·;Quick and easy application

·Lasts up to two weeks

·FDA-approved formula

·Dries within five minutes, non-staining


·Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)

·Odorless when dry

·Creates an even, natural-looking tan


·No special ventilation needed

·No cross-contamination


The kit includes:

·A Belletto Studio Tanning Gun,The sleek, ergonomic design of the stainless steel wand fits oh-so comfortably in either hand. The single-action mechanism makes applying simple and easy for smooth, controlled applications for everyday use, and is optimized to its fullest quality with the expertly designed PSI levels of our Compact Compressor. The formula cup is located on top of the wand, creating a gravity feed system that requires less forced air pressure.


·Our original Compact Compressor with gun holderThe Belletto Studio Compact Airbrush Compressor gives you more control over the accuracy of your application. The magic is in the PSI. PSI stands for pounds per square inch, or the level of air pressure that your airbrush dispenses, or more simply - the speed that the makeup is sprayed for a fuller, more even coverage.


For best results, exfoliate to remove the excess layer of dead skin cells. Remove all lotions, deodorant and makeup. Shave or wax any unwanted hair up to 24 hours in advance, then avoid water for at least eight hours after your application.


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